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Founded in the mid-1990s, CDs Quick has established a faithful following of customers who are equally committed to excellence. With the individualized service provided by CDs Quick President, David Lind, the customer care is outstanding in the industry. "Were proud of our ability to work with each customer on an individual basis. By providing this personal service, were able to modify our turn-around time and pricing based upon volume and need," says Lind.

Having developed the company from a small home-based business, CDs Quick now utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and produces thousands of CD copies each year. As the business has developed, CDs Quick has expanded into related arenas including the full-color printing and/or silk screening of both CDs and jewel box liners.

Whether making 10 copies of the hard-edged music of a garage band to send to a producer, or replicating 3,000 copies of a melodic church choir to distribute to the membership, the quality of CDs Quick production is consistent. While customers have requested things as simple as 5 copies of a photo CD in a paper sleeve to give as Christmas gifts, other customers have requested 3,000 full-media CDs with silk-screened "faces," and full-color jewel box liners. The variety of services provided by CDs Quick are limited only by your imagination.

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